Glass related companies in the Cumberland area from 1880 until present.

Presented is a list of the Glass Companies and their operating years.    This list is the best available at this time,

although new information may cause minor changes.   

  Warren Glass Co.   1880-1888  (8 yrs)  Glass Manufacture,   Railroad & Queen St.

  Cumberland Glass Works    1884-1904   (20 yrs); (National Glass Co. 1899-1904) Glass                  

                Manufacture, North Mechanic St    (The name remained Cumberland Glass Works

                until 1904.)

  South Cumberland Glass Co.   1889-1890  (1yr)  Glass Manufacture,    Railroad & Queen St.

  Queen City Glass Co.   1890-1909   (19 yrs)   Glass Manufacture,     Railroad & Queen St.

  Maryland Glass Etching Works   1893-1930   (37 yrs)   Decorating  (George Truog)

  Enterprise Glass Decorating Co.   1895-1896   Decorating

  Potomac Glass Co.  1904-1929   (25 yrs)   Glass Manufacture and decorating,   Wills Creek &

                  Market St.

  Eastern Glass Co.    1909-1913   (4 yrs)   Glass Manufacture,      Railroad & Queen St.

  Wellington Glass Co.    1908-1920    (13 yrs)   Glass Manufacture,    North Mechanic St.

  Cumberland Glass Tube Co.   1911-1912

  Dugan Glass Co.  1914-1915      Glass Manufacture,    Lonaconing

  Lonaconing Glass Co.    1914-1918    (4 yrs)     Glass Manufacture,   Lonaconing

  Maryland Glass Co.     1918-1935    (17yrs)     Glass Manufacture and decorating,    Railroad &

                  Queen St.

Maryland Glass Co  as  Maryland Glass Co. Inc.   1936-1938  (3 yrs)   Glass Manufacture and


Maryland Glass Co  as   NU Glass Co.    1938-1941  (3 yrs)   Glass Manufacture and decorating

  Utility Glass Co.  1919-1929   (10yrs)     Glass Manufacture and decorating,     Lonaconing

  C. A. Borchert  Co.  1923-1926    Decorating

  Queen City Glass Co.    1926-1926     Glass Manufacture

  Braddock Glass Co.   1927-1928     LaVale   (1yr)   Glass Manufacture

  Zihlman Glass Co.   1927-1928  (1 yr)   Glass Manufacture

  Independent Glass Co.   1928-1929     LaVale

 Lonaconing Cut Glass Co.   1930-1934   Decorating

  Sloan Glass Co. / Lonaconing  1930-1932     (3 yrs)   Glass Manufacture and decorating

  Eichner Cut Glass Co. / Bedford Rd.  1931-1933  (2 yrs)   Decorating

  Cumberland Glass Co./ LaVale 1932-1956  (24 yrs);    Mt. Savage  1956-1961  (5 yrs) Glass


  Queen Glass Co  /  LaVale  1932-1987     (55 yrs)    Decorating

  Kortwright, Nehring, Weaver Inc     1935-1961     (25 yrs)   Decorating

  Sloan Glass Co. / Cumberland 1935-1956 (21yrs) Decorating;  Green Spring WV 1956-1968

                  (12 yrs)(Bidinger)

  Oglebay Glass Co.  1953-1972     Decorating

  Knocke Cut Glass Co.   1956 � 1968+     Decorating

  Snyder�s Cut Crystal   1987-present     Decorating


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